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Summer Camp

Whether you need Summer Camp, Fall, Winter, Spring or even a Day Camp while the kiddos are out of school, we've got you covered.

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After School Pick-up

​​​We pick the kids up from their schools and bring them to our 6000 sq ft facility to teach and entertain them until you pick them up.

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Bully Proofing

We have an awesome anti-bully program that teaches kids to not be bullies and how to handle situations in which they might be approached by a bully.

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Kids Martial Arts

Most everyone has heard the words respect, self-discipline, responsibility, confidence, self-control, and focus associated with kids' karate. Do you want your child to learn these valuable skills?

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Kid Safe (Anti-Abduction)

​​​We want to make sure your kids come home. Our program teaches kids how to avoid potential kidnapping situations and what to do if approached by a stranger.

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Ninja Trix

​​​Ninja Trix is a new sport discipline that incorporates; tumbling, parkour, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. Kids love it because they get to run, jump, kick, spin, climb, and basically be kids!

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Mesa Kids Camp and/or Precision Martial Arts is NOT licensed under the laws of the state of Arizona as a child care facility.  


"My Son has been going to Precision for 3 years and I joined close to 2 years ago. Staff is great and there is awesome positive atmosphere that encourages kids to succeed in not only martial arts, but in life in general also."

Ian Myers

"They (MKC) provide an environment that is safe and filled with activities to keep him busy and entertained all day... They have fantastic instructors and helpers who love kids and make everyday enjoyable. The kids get daily karate classes to encourage physical fitness and mental well-being and a structured schedule... We LOVE Mesa Kids Camp!"

Michele Rua

"I enrolled my daughter at PMA about 5 years ago (she is now a black belt, working towards her 1st degree). The staff here is caring and supportive in helping students reach their goals."

Melanie Tekautz

"This is the best way for kids to start their love for the martial arts. The curriculum that is taught here helps me teach my kids to do better in school and at home."

David Laughlin