Bully Proofing

Our Bully Proofing program teaches kids how to not be a bully as well as how to deal with bullies, whether they be on the playground, at school, in the neighborhood, or on social media. We take different topics each week to discuss and practice and every few months we do a full-on workshop. Some of the topics are:      

  • The right way to tell a teacher 
  • How or why to involve your parents 
  • How to help if your friend is being bullied 
  • How to win others to your cause 
  • Effects of bullying 
  • Non-verbal cues 
  • What to say 
  • House rules
  • When all else fails 

Everyone has to deal with bullies at some point, but confident kids get through it easier. There is only one way to gain confidence and that is by doing. When we simulate and practice these skills in a safe setting (our class), it is done easier and with a ton more confidence at school. Call us today to set up a tour of our facility or to find out when our next workshop is. 

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