Kids Martial Arts in Mesa

Youth Programs

Most everyone has heard the words respect, self-discipline, responsibility, confidence, self-control, and focus associated with kids' karate. Do you want your child to learn these valuable skills? How about teaching them how to handle themselves in emergencies, how to make introductions, or even how to fend off a stranger intent on harming them? Sounds great, right? But how do the martial arts instill these essential character traits into kids? Well, the only way to understand it is to experience it for yourself.

Preschool Program (3-4 Yrs Old)

Preschool martial arts programs will teach your kid all these things and more. Your child will learn valuable skills with practical applications, and at the same time, they will keep active and have fun. The program will also develop their motion skills and eye/hand coordination. Preschool martial arts programs are especially created for kids in the age group of 3-4 years old. These programs focus on safety skills, life skills and basic martial arts techniques. Your child will learn how to control his/her body, how to focus his/her mind, all while having fun.

Little Champions Program (5-7 Yrs Old)

Our Little Champions karate program encompasses everything the preschool kids do but on a more advanced level. The Little Champions classes are action packed and full of awesome martial arts moves and self-defense techniques. Our certified Black Belt instructors also teach life skills such as respect, courage, integrity, self-control, self-discipline, and many more. These character traits assist in teaching them about goal-setting and reaching the goals they make that will make them successful in all they set out to achieve.

Youth Programs

Our Youth curriculum is full of opportunities for kids to learn a variety of martial arts styles such as: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (grappling), Kickboxing, Sport Karate, Self-Protection, Tumbling and more. We have programs designed to help your child develop his/her leadership skills as well as an instructor training program. These programs are intended to teach leadership skills necessary to be successful in life.

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